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Papermill Notebook

Welcome to the age of new generation note taking. Papermill Notebook was designed to bring convenience and innovation to your note taking experience. It offers you a brand-new experience with its mobile apps, erasable & reusable features, and modern design. Scan your notebook pages with the Justcopy app, transfer them to digital media, and share them as PDFs. When you are finished with your notebook, erase it with wet tissue and use it again. 

Papermill’s Eco Friendly Smart Note Books

Features of Air Smart Eco-Friendly NoteBook




The Key feature is write and rewrite. By using Pilot Frixion Series Pens only we are able to write on a Papermill Smart Reusable Notebook. With this Erasable & Reusable Notebook you can do your creative ideas and it is very portable to use.




To erase the data written in Papermill Smart Notebook, use wet cloth or Tissue. Unlike the common notebook we can reuse this Smart notebook by wiping the data many times. Thereby we can reduce the usage of paper.




100% Water Proof

The Papermill has designed the Air Smart notebook page as 100% waterproof using synthetic technology. You will definitely enjoy writing in the Papermill Smart Reusable Notebook.



Non-Tearable Paper

The Papers of normal notebooks are tearable. Unlike them, the Papermill has designed the Smart Reusable Notebook with Non Tearable Paper. This feature will definitely make you feel comfortable.



Papermill Smart Notebook has Rebind wiro. By using this we can open, add, remove and move pages as we like. The cover page of the notebook is made with PU and PP material. So, the cover page and the rebind protects the Smart Reusable Notebook at any time.




Papermill Smart Air Notebook Papers can be recycled and reusable. Papermill has designed the Erasable and reusable notebooks as eco friendly. Recycling is the best feature in Papermill Eco-Friendly Notebook.



The Papermill Eco friendly Smart Reusable Notebooks helps you in making Day, Week, Month and Year Planner for Maximum productivity.


Smooth Writing

Pilot Frixion Series Pen helps you in Smooth Writing. It is very easy to write a Papermill Eco-Friendly Notebook as it has all features. You will feel comfortable and enjoy




Eco-Friendly Smart Notebook

Our Papermill Notebook is an eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable product. One can prevent tons of CO2 emissions and save lots of plants with help of these reusable notebooks. We planned the Papermill Reusable Notebook for the individuals who need an interminably reusable notebook to keep going for quite a long time. Scanning, editing, saving, sharing, and document organizing have automated with JustCopy App. Keep your notes on your mobile devices with JustCopy Application for IOS and Android. With Smart Reusable Notebook you can save notebook pages with the Just Copy application. Moreover, with the Justcopy app, you can save, share, and organize the scanned copies into your desired destination. After scanning the notebook, you can also edit and apply the effects for a better view and printing experience.

How Just Copy App Works


Justcopy app from Google Play Store or Appstore

Sign in/Sign up

With your details

Add Preference

Foldername Filename, Storage, Location,etc

Capture, Save and Share

Capture, Edit, Save & Share automatically in your desired destination (Cloud/Social Media)


What Our Customer’s Says

Great products and excellent service. I ordered some custom smart eco friendly note books for my business, they look great and my clients are really impressed when they see how cool these really are! If you only have one notebook forever it might as well have your brand on it right?
I have this Paper notebook for a few weeks and getting ready to buy a 2nd one. I have been using Pilot Frixion Clicker pens and Frixion Highlighters for a long time. Kids like the Frixion markers for coloring something, erasing, and then re-coloring. With that being said, let me give you my impression of both Frixion line of pens and this notebook.
Bought this environment friendly product as i am a green soldier. it was too good for the money. i am using it for my regular activities and important notes. the scan and store option is pretty much nice. I have seen Rocket Book of USA this indian product seems to be great in price as well as performance

Our Clients