About Papermill Smart Notebook

Welcome to the age of new generation note taking. Papermill Notebook was designed to bring convenience and innovation to your note taking experience. It offers you a brand-new experience with its mobile apps, erasable & reusable features, and modern design. Scan your notebook pages with the Justscan app, transfer them to digital media, and share them as PDFs. When you are finished with your notebook, erase it with wet issue and use it again. 

Features of Air Smart Eco-Friendly NoteBook


The Key feature is write and rewrite. By using Pilot Frixion Series Pens only we are able to write on a Papermill Smart Reusable Notebook. With this Erasable & Reusable Notebook you can do your creative ideas and it is very portable to use.


To erase the data written in Papermill Smart Notebook, use wet cloth/hair dryer or Tissue. Unlike the common notebook we can reuse this Smart notebook by wiping the data many times. Thereby we can reduce the usage of paper.

100% Waterproof Paper

The Papermill has designed the Air Smart notebook page as 100% waterproof using synthetic technology. You will definitely enjoy writing in the Papermill Smart Reusable Notebook.

Non-Tearable Paper

The Papers of normal notebooks are tearable. Unlike them, the Papermill has designed the Smart Reusable Notebook with Non Tearable Paper. This feature will definitely make you feel comfortable.


Papermill Smart Air Notebook Papers can be recycled and reusable. Papermill has designed the Erasable and reusable notebooks as eco friendly. Recycling is the best feature in Papermill Eco-Friendly Notebook.

Page Styles

The Page Styles of Smart Reusable Notebook includes plain, line, dot and grid. For everyday work these styles will be very helpful. Remember that all these page styles are erasable and reusable.


The Papermill Eco friendly Smart Reusable Notebooks helps you in making Day, Week, Month and Year Planner for Maximum productivity.


The Papermill smart notebook is compact. It means it is neatly and closely packed with leather cover. Two types of leather covers used namely PP and PU to make the notebook Compact.


Papermill Smart Notebook has Rebind wiro. By using this we can open, add, remove and move pages as we like. The cover page of the notebook is made with leather material. So, the cover page and the rebind protects the Smart Reusable Notebook at any time.

Smooth Writing

Pilot Frixion Series Pen helps you in Smooth Writing. It is very easy to write a Papermill Eco-Friendly Notebook as it has all features. You will feel comfortable and enjoy


One will get flexible inbuilt Scale along with Papermill Smart Notebook. This Scale will help for unexpected measures. The Papermill Eco-Friendly Notebook has different features unlike the normal notebooks.

Light Weight

All Papermill notebooks are LightWeight. Papermill Smart Reusable Notebook comes in different Paper Sizes. Those are designed to be lightweight. One can easily carry the Papermill air reusable notebooks.

Cloud Storage/ Social Network Share

The papermill Smart network has different features. The Cloud Storage/ Social Network Share is one among them. By installing justcopy app from the play store we can scan the content written in notebook. It will automatically share/save to Cloud/Social Network


One of the most important feature in Papermill Smart Notebook is it is very much Portable. You can carry the Papermill Eco-Friendly Notebooks to anywhere and everywhere. The lightweight feature of the smart Notebooks makes it easy to carry.

Papermill's Eco Friendly Smart Note Books

Eco-Friendly Smart Notebook

Papermill Air Smart Notebook can be erased with a wet cloth or hair dyer and reused over and over again. Thanks to this feature, it is an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical product. At present, with over 250,000 Papermill Notebooks being reused, we have saved 850 fully grown trees and prevented 900 tons of CO2 emissions.

“Let’s be responsible consumers, think about what we buy.”

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