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Edutainment Publishers is a lucrative organisation founded in 2016 by an IITian (Master’s in Environmental Engineering and Management - IIT Kharagpur) based in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Educational Entertainment (Edutainment) is content designed both to educate and to entertain. It includes content that is primarily educational but has incidental entertainment value and content that is mostly entertaining but contains educational value.


Everyone knows that trees are very important part of life but after that the same humans are destroying trees all over the world in the name of infrastructure and development. Trees gives us Oxygen to breathe and to live a healthy life in a healthy environment. Trees provide us a disease free environment. Although trees are taking nothing in return but still human beings don’t think about it, thus we establish a product called PAPER MILL from the house of Edutainment Publishers to protect trees indirectly. We are all gifted with the same beautiful nature and it is deteriorating day by day. But we are so much busy in to the virtual world that we do nothing much about it than posting on social networking sites. We have time to gossip about a newly released movie or a match that has recently happened but not a minute to protect our Mother Nature. We a team of professionals started PAPER MILL to attend on this matter seriously and to bring a change to save our Mother Nature.


"Any Time is the best time to Save Trees"


Each day, an individual intakes Oxygen from the atmosphere. The cost of a single Oxygen cylinder is Rs 700, which means that an individual on everyday basis takes in 3 cylinders of oxygen worth Rs 2100/Day which comes to Rs 7,70,700.00 per annum and Approx lifespan of 65 Years which comes to Rs. 6 Crore worth of Oxygen, which is released into the atmosphere by trees and plants as a free gift for us, all of which are destroyed by us intentionally.

Production of 1 tone paper requires
  • 17 Mature Trees,
  • 7000 gallons of water,
  • 3 cubic yards of landfill,
  • 2 barrels of oil,
  • 4000 kilowatt hours of electricity (Enough energy for an average indian home for 1 year).

With Paper Mill Products we take an initiative to create awareness and to inspire one and all to transform environmental challenges into social action by Plant a Tree Sapling or Save trees with Paper Mill Products.

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